Southern Charm – How to add a little country kick to your average kitchen.

Sweet Tea, Mint Juleps, Sunflowers, and Country Music all come to mind when you think of the South, but what really makes the South, well, the South? What gives it that undeniable charm? Is it their love for college football? Their daredevil rodeos? Could it be that addicting Sweet Tea (yes, but no!)? The uniqueness and versatility of southern decor has played a large role in branding the South as a “charming” and “unique” place to live. Southern, rustic inspired decor has become a reigning staple in many modern homes.

What is Southern Kitchen Decor?

Country Kitchen2

Southern kitchen decor can range from your average wooden table, to woven chairs, to even sunflower canisters. The ideas and possibilities are endless. Southern classic staples include plaid curtains, mason jars, and rustic decor (e.g. distressed signs, wooden tables and chairs, wall art, etc.). Some of the more common prints, animals, and objects that can be found in modern day southern homes include:

Adding a country kick with a modern twist. 

If you’re not a complete fan of some of the more extreme rustic and country styles from older generations, but you’re still looking to give your humble abode a touch of that sweet southern charm there are several options that could help create your perfect modern southern kitchen! Some of the following examples are a budget friendly concoction of elegance, country, and simpleness:

[Photos courtesy of & Pexels] 


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