Swatches, meet Swatches.

As a graphic designer and a semi-way too organized-a little on the crazy side-clean freak it was only right to combine my two hobbies and skills into one giant interest. That interest came to be interior design. There are a lot of different aspects that go into interior design that many may not notice. Whether you’re a freshman in college looking for that perfect bedspread, a bachelor on a hunt for the best mini fridge, or even a housewife looking to revamp your mother’s outdated kitchen decor, interior design falls into the category of “everyday life”.

The Importance of Color.

Color schemes, bedding, furniture, decor, art, etc. all play a role in the everyday interior design of a home/office/dorm, etc. Both graphic designers and paint companies use swatches to help you pick the perfect color for your project. Swatches, meet swatches. As a graphic designer this is my favorite part. Human nature allows us to skim, compare, and combine different shades of colors until we find the perfect one. The key component and initial step to a brand new or improved working/living space is a color scheme. Color is a great way to showcase our own personality. Girls sit and ponder whether pink will give off that warm/kind persona they’re trying to convey, while boys sit and wonder if girls will be into green frog-colored walls. Nevertheless, the perfect paint color has been linked to the success and health of many individuals. Pantone Colors

The Effects of Paint Colors.

According to Elle Decor, “the four psychological primary colors are red, blue, yellow, and green”. Each of these colors help target a part of the body/persona. When finding difficulty in choosing a paint color its a great idea to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Blue: Affects the mind.
  • Red: Affects the body.
  • Yellow: Affects self-confidence.
  • Green: Affects the balance between mind, body, and persona.

Not a fan of single colors? No problem! By using different shades or using several colors on a wall or object you can achieve an even greater balance. Although these tips are great to have on hand, the most important thing to remember is that you should choose and love the color you decide on. Don’t go with banana yellow just because your best friend thinks it’ll bring some wacky harmony to your home. Choose a color that speaks to you. Make that color scheme your best friend and you’ll be on your way to being a pro at interior design.

[All photos shown provided courtesy of Pixabay]




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