Bedrooms – A Personal Creative Bubble.

Finding comfort in your bedroom after a long day of work or school has got to be one of the greatest feelings in the world. Your bedsheets won’t scold you to perfect your MLA format or your Excel spreadsheet. Bedsheets are there to keep you warm and relaxed so you can grudgingly get up the next morning and do it all over again. Bedrooms are by far everyone’s favorite room in the house. So what makes bedrooms so special and unique? Why are they our favorite room? The answer is: bedrooms are our safe spaces. They are judgment free zones where we can secure a moment’s piece or sing our hearts out to Disney musical numbers.

Personalizing your bedroom.

Bedrooms are our own personal creative bubble. Having your own little space to call your own is the greatest feeling in the world. Your bedroom should represent a part of your personality while providing a relaxing environment. If you’re outgoing try adding a colorful bedspread to your bed. If you’re a lover of retro things and music then an old school record player would give your room that retro feel. If you’re more of an introverted person try neutral paint colors and minimalistic decor to maintain a peaceful environment. Whether you’re a comic book nerd, a zealous lover of the color pink, or a beanie baby collector your bedroom is sure to outshine any other room inside your home.

Record Player

Ideas for Creating Unique Bedrooms.

When it comes to decorating your bedroom you should begin by identifying things that represent a part of your personality. For example your favorite colors, superheroes, princesses, musicians, etc., could all help add to your uniquely themed room. If your favorite color is blue you could very well create a unique tropical themed bedroom. If. your favorite color is pink you could create a room fit for a princess. Your own personality can help you decorate after you’ve chosen the right color. If you’re wanting to add an edge to that pink bedroom consider black accent furniture (e.g. bed rails, chairs, curtain designs, etc.). If you’re looking for a way to revamp your superhero bedroom consider minimalistic decor (e.g. posters, symbols, figurines,etc.). Here are a few bedroom ideas that might inspire or lead you to your perfect theme:


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