How to spruce up your tiny bathroom.

Bathroom styles, sizes, and decor vary from home to home. Some homeowners have a shower style bathroom while others have a traditional bathtub. Regardless of your home’s bathroom setup it is undeniable that it is one of the most frequented rooms in the house. First time homeowners usually have a difficult time deciding how to maximize the storage and use of their tiny bathrooms. If you’re like me who grew up in a home with a bathroom full of various household items (cleaning supplies, bath essentials, towels, bedsheets, etc.) stuffed inside the cabinets then the following tips will help you maximize the storage of your bathroom regardless of its size.

How to organize a small bathroom.


Organizing anything in your new home can be both exciting and overwhelming. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start. This is where your interior design skills kick in. Take a look at your bathroom (bath style, cabinet space, towel holders, etc.) and begin to make a list of what your bathroom needs. After you’ve come up with a list of your bathroom necessities begin plotting out where everything could go. There’s no right or wrong answer so don’t get discouraged if your bathroom doesn’t meet your style needs on the first try. A helpful tip would be to place things in a familiar order. Shampoos and conditioners, loofas, body/facial scrubs and soaps, etc. should all go inside your showering area since they will be used while in the shower. Hand soaps, towels, toothbrushes and toothpastes, canisters for your cotton balls or swabs should all go in the sink area so you’re able to reach them at ease. Extra towels, deodorant, hair gel, toilet paper, etc., should all go inside your cabinets for when you need them. By organizing things in groups you’ll be able to begin expanding on your bathroom style and storage space.

How to increase your bathroom’s storage space.

Just like you did when beginning to organize your bathroom it is important to take a look at the leftover storage space you have or the space you’re wishing to increase storage for. Are you looking for a way to move things around in your cabinets so there’s more space in there for other household items like laundry detergent or bedsheets? Are you hoping to add a little unique chic to your bathroom decor? Are you just wanting to store things in an orderly manner so your mother doesn’t judge you every time she visits? Then I have a few solutions for you:

[Photos courtesy of Pixabay]


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