Offices – How to create your perfect workspace.

Having an office space of some sort, whether it’s a designated room or a desk in the corner of your bedroom is always a good idea.  Although designated work areas are not for everyone they can certainly create a sense of organization both personally and professionally.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a professional office.

Work office

Referencing our bedrooms post, work spaces should include a touch of your unique personality. Creating a friendly and productive environment will help save you time and stress in the long run. When looking to make your office space at work your own you should consider some of the following Do’s and Don’ts :

  1. DON’T Clutter: An office should contain all of the necessary items but it should never be cluttered. A cluttered office creates a perception of disorganization and sloppy habits. The boss will not be impressed.
    -Use colorful binders or dividers to keep your files organized.
  2. DO hang tasteful decor: Simple pictures and decor are all favorites when decorating your office. It shows off your personality and creativeness.
    -Use a quirky post it note holder or hang an inspiring canvas quote on your wall.
  3. DON’T pile papers up into mountains: Routinely throw away or shred unwanted documents to avoid a dirty office.
    -Invest in a nice paper shredder or wastebasket if your workspace doesn’t have one.
  4. DO hang your diplomas: It is important to highlight your accomplishments. It’s also a great every day motivation.
    -Invest in elegant frames.

Creating your perfect personal home office.

Personal Office

Home offices are a great way to work in a stress free environment away from your usual office. You also have a lot more freedom when it comes to decorating. Referencing our first blog post,”Swatches, meet Swatches”, the four primary colors: blue, yellow, red, and green can all play a factor in productivity. So if you’re deciding to paint your office a new color it is always helpful to take into consideration shades of those four colors. You’ll also want to invest in a comfy chair if you plan to work long hours from home. Paper shredders, wastebaskets, filing cabinets, folders, agendas, and calendars are all necessities to keep you on track in your perfect personal home office. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

[Photos Courtesy of Pixabay]


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